Visiting Birds

My mum and dad bought me a bird feeding station. Basically a pole that you can hang feeders from and a dish for water and a wire dish for mealworms etc.


I’ve put it out at the front so I can see it through the kitchen window. I have wanted a bird table type thing for a while and I am really loving having it and watching all the birds. We are getting quite a few and I’ve had my bird book out, because we had a little visitor that I didn’t recognise.


This is my little book, it used to be my Grannies and I remember looking at it when I was little.


We’ve had quite a few different birds coming for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I’ve tried to get some photos, which was a bit awkward sometimes. I’ll share some with you…

DSC_0426 (1)

Here’s Mr Bluetit, we have a lot of Bluetit’s visit.


Here we have 2 birds, and I’m not sure if one of them is a Great Tit, we have had a Great Tit come but I can’t remember if this is him or not.


Can you see this one on the terracotta pot? I’m not sure what this one is, as I couldn’t see it’s markings enough to look it up in my book. It’s probably just a female blackbird, but I did think it was a bit small for one of those, I could be wrong, I’m by no means an expert!

We have a lot of Robins, but I’ve never been able to get a photo of one, even though they are the bravest ones, who don’t fly off as soon as they see movement in the window. We’ve also had a Coal Tit and a Long Tailed Tit comes all the time, but again I’m never quick enough, or I’m busy doing other things when I see it, to get a photo. I’ll keep trying though and hopefully I’ll get one eventually. There has been another visitor who I’ve not been able to identify, I am hoping he visits again so I can get a photo and perhaps find out who he is. I will let you know.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, it was really warm and sunny here and we spent both days doing work in our garden and it was lovely.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you can call back soon, take care E x



An Abundance of Eggs

DSC_0379 (1)

I remember from previous years, that we go from having no eggs through the winter, a couple of eggs a day as we come into the new year and then BAM… we are getting 8+ a day. Now we like eggs, but even we can’t eat that many! I’m selling some to my friend, but even then we’ve got more than we know what to do with. So I’m egg recipe searching, I am hoping to find inspiration, something other than the obvious – omelette, frittata etc. Result – well there are lots of ideas, one recipe, egg curry, reminded me that D used to make that and it was delicious, so that’s definitely one for the plan. I found this as well which I think we’ve had before, so that could be another one.


We have a fair few chickens now and we also have runner ducks. We’ve actually got more than we had last year as we rehomed my friends 7 duck’s, when her landlord told her she needed to get rid of them suddenly. One of them then got broody and hatched out 7 chicks, 5 of which survived. We’ve since lost 2 ducks, 1 of my friends and the 1 we had left from our group of 4. Then our neighbour was moving house and asked if we could rehome their chickens so we added those to our lot, making about 11 chicken and we have a cockerel. Dave’s now got plans to extend the run and build a proper pond, hopefully we’ll get chance to do a bit this summer.

So hopefully next time you visit I will be able to show you a photo with less eggs and maybe have some

egg recipes to share.


We are very lucky though, fresh eggs from the garden everyday and I love all the different colours and sizes we get. We did used to know which chicken laid which egg, but now with all the new ones, we’ve not had chance to work it our yet.



Ok I’ll leave you with that eggcelent photo and hope you have an eggciting (sorry couldn’t resist) week and hope you can stop by again soon E x


What I’m Reading This Month


I’ve not read too much this month, or even this year really. I’ve mainly been crocheting so the books have taken a back seat.


I’ve get my magazines each month and I have a flick through normally before I get down to having a good read of all the articles. I find because they are a month ahead, these are April issues, that if I read them towards the end of the month I get them, possibly into the following month, everything is still relevant and I don’t feel like I’m wishing the year away too much.


This is the book I’ve been perusing this month. I’ve not read all of it yet, I keep meaning to go back and finish it. It’s a small book and only 95 pages so it won’t take long to read. I must admit I just have felt the urge to finish it. The books OK and I think I should re read and actually put some of the exercises into practice. Maybe I should come back when I’ve finished reading it and tried out some, or all, of the exercises it suggests. Yes, maybe I should do that, as I can’t really say much about it at the moment.

I have been looking on Amazon for another book or two. I’m thinking I might like a picture heavy book maybe interior or possibly garden type book as we are hoping to do a bit more in our garden this spring/summer. I will of course let you know my choices and my opinions.

Right that’s it for this post I think, sorry it’s not overly exciting, perhaps I shouldn’t have written the post until I could say more about the book but nevermind I like to come and waffle sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you’ll come back soon, take care E x


Afternoon view

I posted earlier, but I’m still sitting at my desk and because the sun has gone round the side of the house, my view looked a lot more sunny so I took a quick snap. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and it’s just beautiful out there. Went for a dog walk this afternoon and it was lovely.


See you again soon E x

Spring is in the air


It’s a glorious day again to day, we seem to be having a few just recently which are very welcome, although I need to remember to drink more water! This is my view while sitting at my desk and I can hear birds tweeting and it’s so lovely.


Had a glorious day the other day as well and the sunshine was pouring through the kitchen window and my beautiful jug of tulips were opening and it was such a lovely sight I had to take a photo of them to share.


I’ve had a kitchen chair for a while that’s been waiting to be painted. Well the other week I decided it was the time, so I went and purchased some Annie Sloan chalk paint, Provence…


and set about painting the scruffy chair to transform it into….


I’ve probably said many times before, when I take wider shot photos in our house. We are slowly renovating our cottage and the kitchen was the first room we did, but we got it to the stage where we could use it and everything is fitted etc but we haven’t done finishing touches and general decorating yet. Mainly because the en suite, which is what we are doing currently, is above the kitchen and there are some things that need doing to the floor which will affect the kitchen ceiling, so when we’ve finished the en suite, we’ll come back and do all the finishing touches and paint etc the kitchen and the rest of the downstairs. Can not wait until it’s all finished.

I also made a new seat cushion and found this lovely orange and white spot oilcloth fabric in Dunelm, which I think goes really well with the gorgeous Provence coloured paint.



Please excuse the detritus that you can see in the photo above. Our garden is in desperate need of a jolly good tidy up, plus coming out of winter is never the best time to show off a garden, well ours anyway. I found this hellebore which has grown where there used to be two big hazel trees, I’m not sure if it’s been there all the time but never been able to grown much because of the trees or whether it was dumped there when we were clearing the area and cutting some trees down. Either way I love it and it’s so pretty, I’m very tempted to cut some and bring them inside, but I know they won’t last long cause it’s quite warm now with the Rayburn still on and the weather getting a bit milder.


I’m not sure if I’ve posted any photos of my bunnies before. This is Wilson my French Lop, tucking into his tea.


Wilson lives with Daisy, who we adopted from Pets at Home, I think they work with a couple of charities and have some animals in the store that are up for adoption. I went in for some bits and bobs one day and came out with Daisy. I was intending on getting Wilson a friend, I didn’t want to get a baby and liked that I could give her a home. She’s a dwarf lop, so a little smaller than Wilson.




This is my third rabbit, Melli. I will explain her name as it’s a bit unusual but there is some logic to it! Her colour in the rabbit world is ‘yellow’, we’ve had a lot of rabbits in the past and they all had music related names, for example we had a boy called Lemmy, a black bunny called Sabbath, a girl called Jessie and Angie. So when I got Melli I wanted to carry on that way (Daisy came with her name and I thought Wilson suited him, although there is a music connection anyway). Because she’s yellow, I thought of the song Mellow Yellow by Donovan, it’s a bit old school, you can find it on YouTube if you feel intrigued, but that is how she got her name. Melli is a Giant Continental and she’s got HUGE ears and she is quite a big girl. I do love the big rabbits, I find they are so laid back and not as skittish as we’ve found the smaller rabbits to be.

I will have to get some more photos of the rabbits over the summer. All photos are made better when the sun is shining and they are brightened up.

I will be getting my camera out more over the next week or so and taking more snaps, I’ve got really lazy over the last few months and I need to change that.

Right I’m off and I’ll see you again very soon, with some more photos and more goings on from Well Lane Cottage, I hope you can join me. E x




My Current Crochet WIP


I thought I’d share with you the project that is currently on my hook. Some of you may recognise this, as it’s a CAL (crochet along) that Lucy at Attic24 has done, called the Moorland Blanket. It started at the beginning of the year on 6th January and Lucy posted a part every Friday for 6 weeks, then there was a catch up week before the border instructions were posted the following Friday.


However from the photo above you can possibly tell that I have not finished. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1 – I haven’t been doing it every spare second, I seem to go in fits and starts and at one point didn’t do any for a whole week. I don’t mind, I didn’t set out to keep up mainly because of reason number 2 – I wanted the blanket for our double bed and I wanted it to hang down the sides and be a decent size, which as you can see in the photo above, it is. So I made the decision to make the large 7 foot double size, which is 351 stitches long. To give you an idea the single size is 181 stitches and the standard double size is 301 stitches long. So mine has a lot of stitches and although I’m not slow, I’m not really fast and I find when I’m doing it in the evening and the TV is on I keep stopping and watching and I don’t get very far.


This is a closer look at the pattern. It’s called the Neat Wave pattern and you can see it looks like waves. Lucy’s inspiration was the Yorkshire Moors where she lives, so the order is very specific and is to recreate a picture of the Moors in the summer.


This photo makes it look really long, but I’m only just half way. I am so looking forward to finishing it as I think it’s going to look stunning on our bed! I will keep you updated on my progress.

Right I’ll leave you now, thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back soon for a catch up, in the meantime have fun and take care E x



Our Weekend

Pancakes were on the menu for lunch on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. They are a firm favourite here at Well Lane Cottage and most weekends I make up a big jug of batter and stand at the hob for about an hour, pouring, flipping and rolling.


My current read, I’m more than half way through it and enjoying it so far. It’s a lovely little book and I’m enjoying snuggling up on the sofa, when I get chance, to read a few pages.


The boys had the big Lego box downstairs and were happily building houses, hospitals, cars and motorbikes. Lots of fun is had with Lego and there’s more requests for it on both boys’ Christmas lists.


Little Man was also busy writing little notes to everyone. He really loves drawing and writing and has his pencils and pens out everyday making beautiful pictures and writing stories, he’s pretty good at them too for a 5 year old.


I treated myself to a hyacinth bulb from the greengrocers the other day. I love these little bulbs and can’t wait til the flowers arrive and bring their gorgeous scent to fill the house.


My Mum bought me this amarylis, it was a little kit you plant yourself. I potted it up the day after she gave it me and within a couple of days it had grown a couple of centimetres. I do love these and I love them when you can watch them grow right from the bulb, makes it so much more special.


I got this beautiful blue glass picture from my Granny. It’s so pretty and I really love it hanging in our kitchen window, with the sun shining through it.

Hope you’re weekend was filled with family, friends and fun. Only two more until Christmas, enjoy, see you soon, take care. E x