First ‘new’ blog post

IMAG0980 (1).jpg

Hello and welcome to my new blog, same name, nothing taken away but with a few things added. I was really enjoying doing my previous blog, even though I had a few months break, due to life speeding up for a while. However when I slowed down and wanted to get back into blogging I realised I was not including all I wanted to and I had fallen out of love with the design of my page and felt I needed a revamp and rethink.

So here we are new, new, design and new contents, hopefully you will get more of a feel for our life here at Well Lane Cottage. Do you like my cross stitch above? I did it a few years ago now and I thought it was very fitting for this post.

The first new thing I wanted to share is our house and garden renovations. The whole of our home is being reworked and the garden totally revamped and I would love to show you our progress.

Last weekend D came up with an idea for some shelves in the kitchen that I’d been asking him for, for a year or so. We’ve been cutting a few trees down in the garden, we had quite a few, so he thought of using some of the branches as brackets for old scaffolding board shelves. The end result is amazing and I’m so, so pleased with them and there are plans for more bigger and better in the living room, I can’t wait.

Take a peek below and see what you think….

IMAG1811 (1).jpg

Here are some pics of the shelves going up…

Right thank you for stopping by, sorry it’s been an uneventful post but I just wanted to say hi and get my first post up on here. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you and I hope you can join me again soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week, whatever you’ve got planned, have fun and take care. E x


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