Gloomy Rain Clouds



The weather turned last week, it’s still not improved. The sun has gone away and taken the glorious blue sky with it. The boys have been going a little stir crazy, although we have managed a few quick walks in between the downpours, they haven’t been able to play outside like normal and the tv has been on far too much. I’m hoping for sunshine very soon!

The wet, gloomy, grey weather made me think of lighting our Rayburn again, it’s usually mid October, when it drops too cold in the evening, when we decide to light it. I looked over at the lovely red range in our kitchen and realised it was looking a bit dull and cluttered, so I set about on another tidying mission.


Now imagine the before photo (which I forgot to take!) with pans being stored on the top and chopping boards leaning against the back, dust over all of it and loads of rubbish, things without a home, stuffed down the side. It was one of those things that justs get overlooked, “where can I put this, oh I’ll just put it down the side of the Rayburn for now”, the ‘for now’ obviously turns into forever! It’s been like that and getting worse since we stopped using it about May time. So something had to be done. I took everything out from down the side and vacuumed it all. Put things where they should go, the pans are in cupboards and a frying pan can live in the Rayburn oven while it’s not lit. All the paper we save for lighting it, I put in a bag and a couple of bits of wood neatly next to it. A pot with a cleaning brush and the poker hidden away at the back. Then I set to cleaning it up. Lots of elbow grease a steel scourer, toothbrush and black hands later, it looked like new (well nearly new) and I felt so much better for doing it.

Obviously you can tell there are a few things missing, things D hasn’t finished yet. A false ceiling needs putting in above the Rayburn and a spotlight putting in so it’s no so dark. Also need the plug socket and light switch putting in and a shelf in the gap next to the Rayburn, but we are so pleased how it’s worked out. I’ll show you more photos of the kitchen renovation in another post. I’m busy gathering all the photo’s together so I can get them all in order and take you through everything we’ve done.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my little hanging baskets, I want to add some trailing plants, maybe some ivy. But they add some colour for now, which is definitely needed against that grey, cloudy sky.

IMAG1833 (1).jpg

Hope the weather where you are is better, but if not, lets make the most of staying inside more and hope the sun comes and dries us out very soon.

Have fun and take care. E x


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