Good evening, I know you’ve already heard from me today, and twice in one day might be too much for some people to take, but I had to share this very sad state of affairs with you all. You see the photo, you might be wondering what is so interesting about a street light, well if I tell you what time I took this photo you might start to realise I’m going completely round the bend. I look out of my kitchen window at 7.40pm and was greeted by this! 7.40pm, I couldn’t believe it. My mobile phone informs me what time sunset is and today it should be 8.10pm, but half an hour before then it’s so dark the street light came on. So that’s it the nights are really starting to drawn in and soon it’ll be dark at 4pm.

I need to find something to cheer me up when the darkness sets in. I don’t really mind winter and I love Christmas but I struggle with the darkness, I think lots of colourful crafty goodies are in order to add some light to it!

Good night, E x


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