Homemade Pizza and Hooky


I picked up my crochet the other night. I don’t really know what happened but I haven’t done any for quite a few months, maybe 4 or 5. Well I did a couple more rounds on my Granny Square Blanket (above). I’m really wanting to finish it because I’m having ideas for a new blanket, but don’t want to start it before this is finished as I know this one will get left in my basket looking sad and unloved and we can’t have that.



My Country Living magazine arrived the other day in the post. It normally sits on the table for a few weeks before I get around to reading it. I don’t mind this too much really as the one thing that I don’t particularly like about magazines is their leap into the future. This issue is October, so it’s an autumn issue, with autumnal colours, ideas etc. This for me, in the middle of summer is a bit too much and I do like to wait a bit.

Of course this doesn’t really apply in February and I get a April issue, with all the joys of spring inside, I open that straight away to feast on the spring plants and all the beautiful colours.


Homemade pizza for lunch, for the boys the other day. I do them each a separate one as they have very different tastes, but they are always a big hit.

Hope your week has been filled with fun and laughter. Please drop by again soon.

Take care. E x


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