Be Ro Carrot Cake



My mum bought me this book when we first moved into our house in 2009. She had an older copy and I made countless batches of the rock buns when I was younger., they were like my signature bake.

I must admit, this isn’t my usual go to baking book. I tend to pick up my Peyton & Byrne book or the River Cottage Cakes book. But every once in a while (mainly when my ingredients are dwindling and I know I don’t have the bits I need to make my usual bakes) I go to this one and today it didn’t disappoint.

After flicking through it a bit, I came across page 63, here it is…



The recipe at the bottom caught my eye for one reason really. Not, like most people might imagine, that I’d like to eat it or that it’s one of my favourite cakes, but because we’ve got quite a few carrots that could do with being used. So that was my decision and after checking we had all the other ingredients I set about measuring, grating, mixing and pouring.




Into the oven for 40 minutes and hey presto…



While it was cooking I made the icing, now that does taste yummy, I tested it!


Finally the cake was cool enough to put the icing on and even I’m tempted to try a piece now. I love having a cake on my comport, I do aim to have one on there most of the time, but I’ve been making a lot of biscuits recently so cakes have been very few, well not existent actually. But that’s all changed and I think D will be very pleased when he sees it tonight, I’m sure it won’t stay whole for long. In fact Little C was asking to have some even before it was in the oven, he really doesn’t like things needing to be baked.

Here it is iced…


Cut into squares, it wouldn’t fit under my cake dome whole…


Minus 2 pieces (the boys had to try a piece and it got a big thumbs up), and stacked to fit under the cake dome.


I’m thinking it won’t last long, cutting it will have made it easier to grab a piece, D will definitely be having 2 pieces at a time.

You can see the recipe in the photo above, so I really recommend you try it if you like carrot cake, or know someone who does. It really does look lovely and the sponge looks light and moist and if it gets a thumbs up from my Little Man it must be good.

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend and please do pop in again soon to say hello.

Take care. E x




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