Some Hooky Waves

IMAG1874 (1).jpg


I can’t remember if I showed you the above photo? Or even told you about it in more detail than just a hooky project. Well if I didn’t, I’m sorry and I’ll make it up to you I promise.


As you can probably see it’s a bit wavy, up and down, up and down, colourfulness. I’ve never done it before, the ripple. To be honest with you all I was a bit scared about it. I really, really wanted to give it a go last year, but I’d only done straight, straight hooky rows and I was a bit anxious about the waves. However, this year I feel a bit more confident and had been told it was easy, so I looked at the pattern (it’s HERE if you are interested, I LOVE Attic24 patterns) and I thought oh yes I can do this. So I got out my yarn stash and found some yarn left over from another blanket and set about working a foundation chain.


Now it’s not really blankety sized, I didn’t have enough yarn for one but I also didn’t want to start another blanket as I’ve still got my big ‘Granny Square Blanket’ on the go. My idea is to do this until I’m out of the majority of colours and then do a very wide border, making it into a smallish throw to go over the back of a chair. No doubt it will get used for some snuggles by the Little Boys.


I take these photos on the kitchen worktop next to the sink, which you can just see in the corner. The sun shines through the kitchen window at the front of the house and I love how it lights up the photos. The shadows are from the leading on the windows and I just think it all adds a lovely effect. I have run out of some colours now, but I’ve added in a few of the colours from my ‘Granny Square Blanket’ (tut tut), but I’m thinking that won’t take up the whole 100g ball, so I should be ok. I think it might be nearing an end though as I have another project I want to start and ordered the wool for it yesterday. I really should finish my GSB too though before I start something else. (I haven’t even told you that I have another blanket half done, that is for Little C’s bed. I’m terrible, I’ll have to get that out to and get cracking with it. So much for my ‘one project at a time’ rule!

I forgot to mention the first photo in this post. Seeing as it’s that last day in August, I thought I’d share with you the lovely calendar picture which I have hanging in the corner of the living room. I haven’t sneaked a peek at September’s photo so I will get a lovely surprise tomorrow. I’ll be sad to see this picture go though, I keep looking at it while I type and it really is lovely. A beautiful little posy of pretty summer flowers.

Righty-ho, I’m off… yes back to my wavy hooky. Well my excuse now is that I need to get it finished, I’ve not decided on a border yet, not sure what colours or how it’s going to look, I just know I want it to be really wide!

Hope you can call back in soon, take care. E x


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