Love, Love, Love it


This gorgeous rose is in the front yard and has had a few buds on over the last few weeks. They don’t last long as it’s next to the wall right where the dog jumps up so she’s constantly brushing past and the petals end up falling off. But I got a photo of this one and actually it seems (fingers crossed) to be escaping the dog, so we might have this beautiful bloom around for a while longer. I think it’s called ‘Charlotte’ and was an offer in Country Living Magazine a few years ago from David Austin Roses. I think I will eventually move it up to the top garden, when that’s been sorted.


Little Man got some packets of Lego from my brother the other day. He was so happy and made them all up by himself, he was playing with them all day and took them to bed. Next day he brought them all downstairs, carefully broke them all up and proceeded to re-make them. Little C was ‘helping’ and kept taking bits to play with, it all got a bit shouty and I had to step in (sometimes they can resolve it without my interference and I do try to let them do that a little bit). Little C had been playing with a certain Lego man and had now lost it and Little Man was very upset and was looking everywhere. I started helping, looking under sofa cushions etc. I asked Little C where he’d put it and he said in his welly boot, we went to have a look but nothing. We didn’t find the Lego man and Little Man was still upset and I couldn’t think of anywhere else to look. I then had a light bulb moment, I suggested he made a ‘missing ‘ poster. I explained that if someone loses their dog or cat they make a ‘missing’ poster and stick it on lamp posts, so people can look out for their pet and contact them if they find it. He did cheer up at this idea and I let out a sign of relief that I’d made the situation better. Little Man loves drawing and colouring and he got out his paper and pens and drew the Lego man and then asked what he should write, we can up with a simple message and it was stuck on the cupboard on the living room. I love it so much, I love his drawings they are so imaginative and I’m sure he’s got more talent than I did when I was 5.

Lego man is still missing, D had a good look when he got home and had no luck either, I just hope we find it before Henry (Hoover), because like I tell the boys, Henry really likes to eat Lego!


This was yesterday’s project, I really do just have the biggest smile when I look at this, I’ve got to put it on display somewhere because it’s so good.

We went into our local town yesterday afternoon, I love just wandering around, popping into some shops, there is such a variety. The boys were pretty well behaved, I’ve not really done this sort of trip before with Little C out of his pushchair and it wasn’t too manic. Anyway I needed to get some cream cleaner from Wilkos so we were going up and down the aisles, (cause I couldn’t remember where it was!) and as I find it Little Man is calling to me from the end of the aisle that he wanted a wooden spoon. I walked back up and he is indeed pointing to a wooden kitchen spoon. OK I said you can have a wooden spoon, he picked one up and started chattering on about making something with it, unfortunately I missed most of it cause Little C had started asking me, in his rather loud voice if he could have a wooden spoon, ‘yes, you can’. I never knew buying them a wooden spoon each would make them so happy, if only I’d known sooner!

We got home and immediately Little C is out in the front yard with his wooden spoon digging up the sand and stones, as happy as Larry. Little Man on the other hand took his inside, he got out his paper and crayons and asked to borrow my scissors. Then he drew around the spoon and was cutting out the shape, it went wrong and he did it again, very carefully but again when he went to cut it he couldn’t control the scissors well enough and made a mistake again. He got very upset and I went over and got him another piece of paper, got him to draw round the spoon again and then cut it out for him. Happy again he carried on, I had to stop watching him at this point as I was busy doing house wifey things. Next thing he comes up to me and produces the finished spoon, I couldn’t believe what he’d done. I love that he’s taped the front legs on the front and the back legs behind and then the tail sticking out, with those stripes on it. I love the little ears and mouth he’s drawn and cut out to stick them on and I am so proud of him for making it and thinking about making it all by himself. I love that it shows how he’s growing up and my Little Man might not be that little for much longer, but I’m going to make sure I savour every minute and that’s another reason I love this blogging malarky. I love that I’ll be able to look back on this in a few years time and see that tiger spoon and remember the day that Little Man made it, I just Love, Love, Love it.

OK I realise that was a very waffley post and quite word heavy, I’m sorry, I hope you’ve not fallen asleep and you will come back tomorrow when I’m hoping to show you some progress on my wavy hooking and also show you some photos of a wonderfully, colourful, yarny delivery.

Have fun, take care, E x


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