My patchwork square made up of squares and then this is the first border….


This is with the second border….


And the third and final border…


I’m thinking I’ll make it into a square throw. I’m really into it now though and I’ve got fabric to make one for our bed so that’s my next project. I’ve then got to get the wadding and backing fabric. I had an idea just to get a sheet for the backing fabric, as it’s a cheap way of getting a good amount of fabric and it will be the right size as well.

I also have plans to make each of the boys one. Little Man’s will be reds and blues and whites, with maybe some greys. Little C’s, blue’s greens, whites and some greys again. I want to put some picture fabrics in too, so in Little Man’s I’ve found some dinosaur fabric in the right colours and Little C’s, I’ll have a look for some with vehicles, tractors, diggers etc.

You may have noticed another patchworky looking creation in my photo’s yesterday, this one…


IMAG2115 (1).jpg

This is actually the finished article as I added a bit of decoration around the bottom. I’ll show you that in a minute but I first wanted to tell you why I made it or more precisely what I made it for.

I have wanted a vintage wooden floor lamp for a few years. I found one at a antique centre a couple of years ago, but didn’t end up buying it, I’ve thought about it since and keep looking for one, but nothing ever showed up. Then my dad said he’d found some stair banister rods while clearing out wood in the loft and would I like him to make me a floor lamp with them. Of course my answer was yes and for my birthday last Friday he gave me the finished lamp.

This however caused a slight problem, as I didn’t have a shade to match the lovely lamp. So what did I do, I Pinterested ‘recover lampshade’, of course got loads of ideas, but ended up making one how I had been thinking of and found a little help with how to finished it off.

I’m not 100% happy with the finished result, but hopefully I’ll be able to re do it to make it better.

I’m going to leave you with a photo of it finished and in situ. I’ll try and get it re done this week and get a photo up. (Excuse the door in the background, the joys of house renovating)



Hope to catch up with you soon, take care E x




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