Completed Project & New Project

I’ve just found this in my drafts. I thought I’d posted it because I’d taken these photo’s of the finished stools. How silly I am. So you can have it now even though it’s about a week late, but I have got to update you on my ‘new project’ because it’s grown a bit since I wrote this post. I’ll get some more snaps and post an update tomorrow, so long as I remember to post it and don’t just save it!





A day later than promised, but here are some photos of the finished stools. If you would like to know the reason I didn’t get round to posting them yesterday, I’ll tell you, pom poms. I have been going pom pom mad. Ever since visiting that wonderfully time consuming website Pinterest and finding these I have gone into pom pom making overdrive. I’m not sure how many I’ve made today but it’s quite embarrassing that a grown up girl can spend a whole day making these little yarny balls of joy. But there we have it my pom pom day and hopefully tomorrow will see a wreath like one of those over on Pinterest hanging on my door. I will of course keep you posted, here’s a photo of the stash I had in the morning…



I think I have about 4 times that amount now, possibly more, but I will share with you all tomorrow.

That’s all for today, thank you as always for stopping by, hope to catch up again soon.

Take care E x



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