All Together Now… Awwwww


Yes, we have babies here at Well Lane Cottage, of the fluffy variety. Mum is Delia and we got her with 6 others runner ducks from my friend, H, who had a neighbour complain about them and her landlord said she had to get rid of them. We were of course more than happy to have them come and live with us and our lone drake, Cecil, was very happy to have some company of his own species. Delia collected 7 eggs in her nest that she made in the polytunnel and has sat on them, not letting anyone get near them, until they hatched out yesterday. Today H came over and we made her a proper nest in one of our little coop’s, so she’s a bit safer and warmer.

Would you like to see some more? OK here you go…


There are 7 and they are all really strong and when we went up they were all waddling up the garden in a row, unfortunately I’d not got my camera, which is such a shame cause it was super cute. I’ve always wanted to hatch ducklings and it’s happened now without really planning it. Delia has definitely done a very good job and surprised us all.

Thanks for stopping by, take care E x



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