You remember my exciting delivery a few weeks ago? Well this is the beginning of the new project I’ve started. It’s a poncho and I’m loving how it’s looking. I’m on the 3rd round of colours now, so it’s grown quite a lot since the above photo.  I’m so eager to finish it, so I can start wearing it now the weather has dropped to an autumnal setting. We’re in that limbo time of year where it’s cold in the evening so would love to light the Rayburn, but it’s been sunny during the day, still a bit chilly, but the sun warms the kitchen, so it would be too hot with the Rayburn on. Although yesterday was chilly even with the sun, so I’m really wanting to have the fire crackling, then it really will feel like winter’s here.


Here’s my poncho now, with a few more rows added. More than half way now, I’m wanting it to come down to my hands so probably on the last round of colours with maybe 5 or so more rows and the border to do. I’m really loving the colours.


I’m doing two rows of trebles then one row of treble 1, chain 1. It’s the same as the ‘Home Poncho’ that Lucy at Attic 24 did and I really do like the effect. Not decided what to do for the border, whether to go fancy or just keep it simple. I think I’ll see how desperate I am to get it finished!

Ordered some coal to be delivered tomorrow, so the fire will be roaring again.

Thanks for dropping by, have fun and stay warm. E x


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