Love finishing a blanket!


Well it’s finally finished. I actually sat up til 12.30am last Friday morning and finished it, I couldn’t sleep so I decided I should use my time wisely, so rather than tossing and turning for another hour I sat in bed and crocheted. I’m so pleased with it and Little C is very happy.

It’s funny looking at this now, I chose the colours about a year ago for this blanket and I can really see how much I’ve come along when choosing colours. If I remember correctly, I knew I wanted blues and greens and some yellow for brightness. So I more or less picked all the blues and greens I liked and a yellow.

Now I would spend more time looking at the shades and making a colour spectrum with the yarn, then choose colours from various stages of the spectrum to bring together. I enjoy this phase. I’ve made colour pegs which are really useful when doing this. Have you seen colour pegs? You can actually buy them ready done, see here, but I’ve made mine as I’ve bought more colours of the yarn. I generally use the same yarn, Stylecraft Special DK, for 3 reasons, 1 – it come in so many colours, 2 – it’s a really good price and I love that they are 100g balls so normally have about half a ball left, so can use for another project and 3 – it’s lovely to work with and washes well.

I’m now being asked every bedtime, by Little Man, when his blanket will be ready. I feel a bit guilty because I probably won’t start his until maybe March time next year. I’m doing a CAL with Attic24, which starts in January and I don’t really want to start another project until I’ve finished that. I’m slightly worried I’m not going to be able to keep up, I’ve not done one before, but love the idea that there will be loads of other people all over the world doing the same rows of crochet in the same colours. Bit odd I know, but it does fascinate me a little.


Right- ho, thanks for stopping by again. I realise my posts are a bit hit and miss at the moment. I have a 3rd child to take care of, in the form of my husband. D has had an operation and is home until the New Year, so my spare time is very, very limited. So something’s got to give and unfortunately it’s my blogging. Anyhoo, we’ll be alright and I’ll hopefully be able to come back in a day or so and share some more goings on with you. In the meantime, take care, keep warm and have fun. See you again soon. E x


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