Our Weekend

Pancakes were on the menu for lunch on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. They are a firm favourite here at Well Lane Cottage and most weekends I make up a big jug of batter and stand at the hob for about an hour, pouring, flipping and rolling.


My current read, I’m more than half way through it and enjoying it so far. It’s a lovely little book and I’m enjoying snuggling up on the sofa, when I get chance, to read a few pages.


The boys had the big Lego box downstairs and were happily building houses, hospitals, cars and motorbikes. Lots of fun is had with Lego and there’s more requests for it on both boys’ Christmas lists.


Little Man was also busy writing little notes to everyone. He really loves drawing and writing and has his pencils and pens out everyday making beautiful pictures and writing stories, he’s pretty good at them too for a 5 year old.


I treated myself to a hyacinth bulb from the greengrocers the other day. I love these little bulbs and can’t wait til the flowers arrive and bring their gorgeous scent to fill the house.


My Mum bought me this amarylis, it was a little kit you plant yourself. I potted it up the day after she gave it me and within a couple of days it had grown a couple of centimetres. I do love these and I love them when you can watch them grow right from the bulb, makes it so much more special.


I got this beautiful blue glass picture from my Granny. It’s so pretty and I really love it hanging in our kitchen window, with the sun shining through it.

Hope you’re weekend was filled with family, friends and fun. Only two more until Christmas, enjoy, see you soon, take care. E x




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