Visiting Birds

My mum and dad bought me a bird feeding station. Basically a pole that you can hang feeders from and a dish for water and a wire dish for mealworms etc.


I’ve put it out at the front so I can see it through the kitchen window. I have wanted a bird table type thing for a while and I am really loving having it and watching all the birds. We are getting quite a few and I’ve had my bird book out, because we had a little visitor that I didn’t recognise.


This is my little book, it used to be my Grannies and I remember looking at it when I was little.


We’ve had quite a few different birds coming for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I’ve tried to get some photos, which was a bit awkward sometimes. I’ll share some with you…

DSC_0426 (1)

Here’s Mr Bluetit, we have a lot of Bluetit’s visit.


Here we have 2 birds, and I’m not sure if one of them is a Great Tit, we have had a Great Tit come but I can’t remember if this is him or not.


Can you see this one on the terracotta pot? I’m not sure what this one is, as I couldn’t see it’s markings enough to look it up in my book. It’s probably just a female blackbird, but I did think it was a bit small for one of those, I could be wrong, I’m by no means an expert!

We have a lot of Robins, but I’ve never been able to get a photo of one, even though they are the bravest ones, who don’t fly off as soon as they see movement in the window. We’ve also had a Coal Tit and a Long Tailed Tit comes all the time, but again I’m never quick enough, or I’m busy doing other things when I see it, to get a photo. I’ll keep trying though and hopefully I’ll get one eventually. There has been another visitor who I’ve not been able to identify, I am hoping he visits again so I can get a photo and perhaps find out who he is. I will let you know.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, it was really warm and sunny here and we spent both days doing work in our garden and it was lovely.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you can call back soon, take care E x



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