What I’m Reading This Month


I’ve not read too much this month, or even this year really. I’ve mainly been crocheting so the books have taken a back seat.


I’ve get my magazines each month and I have a flick through normally before I get down to having a good read of all the articles. I find because they are a month ahead, these are April issues, that if I read them towards the end of the month I get them, possibly into the following month, everything is still relevant and I don’t feel like I’m wishing the year away too much.


This is the book I’ve been perusing this month. I’ve not read all of it yet, I keep meaning to go back and finish it. It’s a small book and only 95 pages so it won’t take long to read. I must admit I just have felt the urge to finish it. The books OK and I think I should re read and actually put some of the exercises into practice. Maybe I should come back when I’ve finished reading it and tried out some, or all, of the exercises it suggests. Yes, maybe I should do that, as I can’t really say much about it at the moment.

I have been looking on Amazon for another book or two. I’m thinking I might like a picture heavy book maybe interior or possibly garden type book as we are hoping to do a bit more in our garden this spring/summer. I will of course let you know my choices and my opinions.

Right that’s it for this post I think, sorry it’s not overly exciting, perhaps I shouldn’t have written the post until I could say more about the book but nevermind I like to come and waffle sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you’ll come back soon, take care E x



My Current Reading List


These are the books I’m currently reading. I’ve nearly finished The Thrift Book and have read the Household Cleaning one already when I got it a few years ago, but I’m always flicking through it for various recipes and how tos. Love the Home you Have, I’ve had a few months and I did start it, but I’m re-starting it now and hopefully it’ll be a good read. It had good reviews on Amazon and I’m really into reading these books for ideas.

‘The Thrift Book’ is good. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve read a few similar books and already do some of the things they suggest, but it’s not amazed me. I guess if you get it just as you are starting to think about being more thrifty and want to look more closely at how you are spending your hard earned cash, it would be a lot more useful and it does have a lot of handy tips and points you towards some good websites. Overall I did enjoy reading it and will keep it to refer back to for ideas.

The ‘Household Cleaning’ book which I purchased in 2012 after deciding I didn’t want to be using all the chemicals that conventional household cleaners contain. I don’t have any other books similar and I think that’s because this one is SO good. It explains everything very well and has sections for each room and what cleaners you can get ie ‘kitchen’ – fridge cleaning, drain unblocking & cleaning, air fresheners and so on. It tells you what the nasties are in each of these cleaners, what the dangers are to you and the environment and then how you can make eco-friendly alternatives. I think I’ve made and used 90% of the recipes and ideas in here (there are two or more recipes for some things) and they have all worked really well. Ok so most need a little more elbow grease than your chemical filled versions but the fact that you aren’t inhaling all the rubbish or absorbing it through your skin, in my opinion, makes up for it. Again I got this book on Amazon and you can get second hand copies for just a couple of pounds. I highly recommend it and it is a firm favourite on my bookshelf. (This book is part of a series, take a look at all the other titles you can get here, I’ve got the ‘Natural Remedies’ one too which is great and I will be getting some others at some point too).

‘Love the Home you Have’ I think I found on Amazon while looking at other books. It’s an inspirational book I think, I will let you know how I get on with it. The author Melissa Michaels has a blog to ‘The Inspired Room’, which I find quite interesting.

I fancied some colour today too, so here’s some photos of the plants I have on my windowsill.



My mum bought me the aster (top) the other day. She didn’t realise it’s also called September flower and my birthday’s in September, so very fitting too. I’ll plant it outside soon, but I do like the colour of it on my windowsill.

The cyclamen I have had for ages, months, I can’t remember exactly when I got it but I’ve never had one last so long. Although I have been looking after it pretty well. Other ones I’ve had after the flowers die off, the leaves all turn yellow and no other buds seem to appear. This one however I have been pulling the yellow leaves off and dead heading it and it’s just going on and on. There are always loads of buds on it and I’m really wanting to keep it going for as long as possible. I love, love, love the pot it’s in, mum found it in the greenhouse when we moved into their house (about 14 years ago) and she’s just kept it in the shed ever since, so she said I could have it and I really love it (had you guessed). It’s looks old and worn and I wish I could find more, I’m definitely on the look out now.

Thanks for stopping by again. Next time I’m hoping to share with you some of the work we’ve done on the house so far. I need to keep on taking photos of the progress, it’s so easy to forget when works being done, to get out the camera. Speaking of camera’s I actually use my phone to take the photos you see on here, but for my birthday next month I’m possibly getting a camera from D. I think that will encourage me to take more snaps too.

Have fun and take care. E x