My Current Crochet WIP


I thought I’d share with you the project that is currently on my hook. Some of you may recognise this, as it’s a CAL (crochet along) that Lucy at Attic24 has done, called the Moorland Blanket. It started at the beginning of the year on 6th January and Lucy posted a part every Friday for 6 weeks, then there was a catch up week before the border instructions were posted the following Friday.


However from the photo above you can possibly tell that I have not finished. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1 – I haven’t been doing it every spare second, I seem to go in fits and starts and at one point didn’t do any for a whole week. I don’t mind, I didn’t set out to keep up mainly because of reason number 2 – I wanted the blanket for our double bed and I wanted it to hang down the sides and be a decent size, which as you can see in the photo above, it is. So I made the decision to make the large 7 foot double size, which is 351 stitches long. To give you an idea the single size is 181 stitches and the standard double size is 301 stitches long. So mine has a lot of stitches and although I’m not slow, I’m not really fast and I find when I’m doing it in the evening and the TV is on I keep stopping and watching and I don’t get very far.


This is a closer look at the pattern. It’s called the Neat Wave pattern and you can see it looks like waves. Lucy’s inspiration was the Yorkshire Moors where she lives, so the order is very specific and is to recreate a picture of the Moors in the summer.


This photo makes it look really long, but I’m only just half way. I am so looking forward to finishing it as I think it’s going to look stunning on our bed! I will keep you updated on my progress.

Right I’ll leave you now, thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back soon for a catch up, in the meantime have fun and take care E x




Love finishing a blanket!


Well it’s finally finished. I actually sat up til 12.30am last Friday morning and finished it, I couldn’t sleep so I decided I should use my time wisely, so rather than tossing and turning for another hour I sat in bed and crocheted. I’m so pleased with it and Little C is very happy.

It’s funny looking at this now, I chose the colours about a year ago for this blanket and I can really see how much I’ve come along when choosing colours. If I remember correctly, I knew I wanted blues and greens and some yellow for brightness. So I more or less picked all the blues and greens I liked and a yellow.

Now I would spend more time looking at the shades and making a colour spectrum with the yarn, then choose colours from various stages of the spectrum to bring together. I enjoy this phase. I’ve made colour pegs which are really useful when doing this. Have you seen colour pegs? You can actually buy them ready done, see here, but I’ve made mine as I’ve bought more colours of the yarn. I generally use the same yarn, Stylecraft Special DK, for 3 reasons, 1 – it come in so many colours, 2 – it’s a really good price and I love that they are 100g balls so normally have about half a ball left, so can use for another project and 3 – it’s lovely to work with and washes well.

I’m now being asked every bedtime, by Little Man, when his blanket will be ready. I feel a bit guilty because I probably won’t start his until maybe March time next year. I’m doing a CAL with Attic24, which starts in January and I don’t really want to start another project until I’ve finished that. I’m slightly worried I’m not going to be able to keep up, I’ve not done one before, but love the idea that there will be loads of other people all over the world doing the same rows of crochet in the same colours. Bit odd I know, but it does fascinate me a little.


Right- ho, thanks for stopping by again. I realise my posts are a bit hit and miss at the moment. I have a 3rd child to take care of, in the form of my husband. D has had an operation and is home until the New Year, so my spare time is very, very limited. So something’s got to give and unfortunately it’s my blogging. Anyhoo, we’ll be alright and I’ll hopefully be able to come back in a day or so and share some more goings on with you. In the meantime, take care, keep warm and have fun. See you again soon. E x



Well I did promise some colourful hooky photos. The quality of this is terrible and I do apologise. I’ve just taken it and of course with artificial light it doesn’t show the colours quite right. This is Little C’s blanket which is so close to completion, I’ve got about 2 1/2 sides left to do with the final border and a few ends to sew in. However I’ve been some what distracted. Would you like to see what with? OK I’ll show you some photos and then some links…

These stickers are just the first batch I’ve ordered for my new found hobby. They are from EllieBethDesignsUK and there are loads of gorgeous, colourful stickers that are just too tempting. Some more websites that have been distracting me are ErinCondren, PirongsUniquePlanners and CleanMama. These are only some of the sites that I’ve been whizzing through. I’ve been scouring Pinterest, Amazon, Etsy to name a few and I’ve LOVED every minute of it. I haven’t felt guilty about my blanket tucked into the basket next to me, crying out that it only needs another hour spending on it so it can be presented to it’s new little owner, well not much anyway.

Right I’m going to say now, I will finish it tomorrow! I will, I really will. I won’t pick up my laptop until it is completed, photographed, presented to Little C and laid out on his bed.

However, right now I’m just heading back to EllieBethDesignsUK to sort my very last, final order, for at least a week. I’ve decided to save money by printing out planner pages from this website Scattered Squirrel, instead of buying a planner, for now anyway, just so I can build up my supply of stickers. So I am behaving a little bit!

Thanks for stopping by. My next post will have photos of the finished blanket in situ and maybe ideas for my next project. E x



You remember my exciting delivery a few weeks ago? Well this is the beginning of the new project I’ve started. It’s a poncho and I’m loving how it’s looking. I’m on the 3rd round of colours now, so it’s grown quite a lot since the above photo.  I’m so eager to finish it, so I can start wearing it now the weather has dropped to an autumnal setting. We’re in that limbo time of year where it’s cold in the evening so would love to light the Rayburn, but it’s been sunny during the day, still a bit chilly, but the sun warms the kitchen, so it would be too hot with the Rayburn on. Although yesterday was chilly even with the sun, so I’m really wanting to have the fire crackling, then it really will feel like winter’s here.


Here’s my poncho now, with a few more rows added. More than half way now, I’m wanting it to come down to my hands so probably on the last round of colours with maybe 5 or so more rows and the border to do. I’m really loving the colours.


I’m doing two rows of trebles then one row of treble 1, chain 1. It’s the same as the ‘Home Poncho’ that Lucy at Attic 24 did and I really do like the effect. Not decided what to do for the border, whether to go fancy or just keep it simple. I think I’ll see how desperate I am to get it finished!

Ordered some coal to be delivered tomorrow, so the fire will be roaring again.

Thanks for dropping by, have fun and stay warm. E x

Week Catch Up



This flower was picked for me by Little Man, he got it from our front yard, he was so loving and gentle when he gave it to me and it really made my heart squeeze.



He picked me this one too, it was so tiny, I put it on top of my sewing machine so I could look at it while I was sewing away.



I’m not sure where this last week has gone. The days were all blurred into getting the boys back to school (pre-school for Little C), being poorly and recovering, birthday celebrations and renovations.

Little Man went back to school last Tuesday (6th), we had no wobbles or sad faces, we walked down to the school (which is literally at the bottom of our lane, very handy!) and he kissed Little C and I goodbye and walked straight in.

Little C on the other hand had a complete melt down, he wanted to go to school and was letting everyone know about it. In the end I calmed him down by saying we’d go and see Grannie, tantrum ended and pestering began, ‘when are we going to grannie’s?’ (or ‘rannie’s’ as he says it) over and over until we left the house.

Later Tuesday after fetching Little Man I felt really ill, I think it was a migraine, I’ve never had one before but my head had been aching a bit all afternoon, I’d taken some tablets and it then got worse. I felt sick and any noise, light or movement was making it so much worse. Not great when you’ve got 2 noisy children running around asking for food, drink, tv etc. Anyway ?i ended up calling my mum and mumbling something about coming too look after the boys and she was here about 15 minutes later. I’m so lucky to have that support so close by, in situations like this I don’t know how other people cope who haven’t got family close to help out. I slept the rest of the night.

Thursday my head was better but I still didn’t feel 100%. I was excited though, D and I were off to the cinema in the evening to see a film for my birthday. We saw Jason Bourne, it was ok, I’m normally just pleased for the change of scenery and a night out of the house, so I don’t need much from the film. I liked the Bourne series but I think they may be taking it a bit far now. They should have stopped at the 3, this one was a bit far fetched and I’m guessing they’ll be more to come.

Friday was my birthday, but I’ll go into that a bit more on another post and show you my new toy.

I’ll tell you about the last few days activities in picture form, all I’ll say is it involved a hook and a sewing machine.

IMAG2081 (1).jpg



Made some roses for birthday cards…


Chocolate cheesecake – my birthday cake….


D put the shower splash guard and rail up so the new shower can now be used…





Lampshade makeover…



Not 100% happy, the band around the top needs to be wider and not as bulky, will probably be re doing it at some point…

IMAG2115 (1).jpg




Loving it…..


I will show you some more of the patchwork tomorrow, hopefully, as I’ve done a border now and might be able to get another one done too. Not sure what it’ll be for yet, but I love the colours in the fabric and the patterns. Unfortunately not got enough of the fabric to make a quilt though.

Right off now, thanks for stopping by. I promise to stop sewing for long enough tomorrow to show you some more of the patchwork.

Take care, have fun E x



Some Hooky Waves

IMAG1874 (1).jpg


I can’t remember if I showed you the above photo? Or even told you about it in more detail than just a hooky project. Well if I didn’t, I’m sorry and I’ll make it up to you I promise.


As you can probably see it’s a bit wavy, up and down, up and down, colourfulness. I’ve never done it before, the ripple. To be honest with you all I was a bit scared about it. I really, really wanted to give it a go last year, but I’d only done straight, straight hooky rows and I was a bit anxious about the waves. However, this year I feel a bit more confident and had been told it was easy, so I looked at the pattern (it’s HERE if you are interested, I LOVE Attic24 patterns) and I thought oh yes I can do this. So I got out my yarn stash and found some yarn left over from another blanket and set about working a foundation chain.


Now it’s not really blankety sized, I didn’t have enough yarn for one but I also didn’t want to start another blanket as I’ve still got my big ‘Granny Square Blanket’ on the go. My idea is to do this until I’m out of the majority of colours and then do a very wide border, making it into a smallish throw to go over the back of a chair. No doubt it will get used for some snuggles by the Little Boys.


I take these photos on the kitchen worktop next to the sink, which you can just see in the corner. The sun shines through the kitchen window at the front of the house and I love how it lights up the photos. The shadows are from the leading on the windows and I just think it all adds a lovely effect. I have run out of some colours now, but I’ve added in a few of the colours from my ‘Granny Square Blanket’ (tut tut), but I’m thinking that won’t take up the whole 100g ball, so I should be ok. I think it might be nearing an end though as I have another project I want to start and ordered the wool for it yesterday. I really should finish my GSB too though before I start something else. (I haven’t even told you that I have another blanket half done, that is for Little C’s bed. I’m terrible, I’ll have to get that out to and get cracking with it. So much for my ‘one project at a time’ rule!

I forgot to mention the first photo in this post. Seeing as it’s that last day in August, I thought I’d share with you the lovely calendar picture which I have hanging in the corner of the living room. I haven’t sneaked a peek at September’s photo so I will get a lovely surprise tomorrow. I’ll be sad to see this picture go though, I keep looking at it while I type and it really is lovely. A beautiful little posy of pretty summer flowers.

Righty-ho, I’m off… yes back to my wavy hooky. Well my excuse now is that I need to get it finished, I’ve not decided on a border yet, not sure what colours or how it’s going to look, I just know I want it to be really wide!

Hope you can call back in soon, take care. E x