An Abundance of Eggs

DSC_0379 (1)

I remember from previous years, that we go from having no eggs through the winter, a couple of eggs a day as we come into the new year and then BAM… we are getting 8+ a day. Now we like eggs, but even we can’t eat that many! I’m selling some to my friend, but even then we’ve got more than we know what to do with. So I’m egg recipe searching, I am hoping to find inspiration, something other than the obvious – omelette, frittata etc. Result – well there are lots of ideas, one recipe, egg curry, reminded me that D used to make that and it was delicious, so that’s definitely one for the plan. I found this as well which I think we’ve had before, so that could be another one.


We have a fair few chickens now and we also have runner ducks. We’ve actually got more than we had last year as we rehomed my friends 7 duck’s, when her landlord told her she needed to get rid of them suddenly. One of them then got broody and hatched out 7 chicks, 5 of which survived. We’ve since lost 2 ducks, 1 of my friends and the 1 we had left from our group of 4. Then our neighbour was moving house and asked if we could rehome their chickens so we added those to our lot, making about 11 chickenĀ and we have a cockerel. Dave’s now got plans to extend the run and build a proper pond, hopefully we’ll get chance to do a bit this summer.

So hopefully next time you visit I will be able to show you a photo with less eggs and maybe have some

egg recipes to share.


We are very lucky though, fresh eggs from the garden everyday and I love all the different colours and sizes we get. We did used to know which chicken laid which egg, but now with all the new ones, we’ve not had chance to work it our yet.



Ok I’ll leave you with that eggcelent photo and hope you have an eggciting (sorry couldn’t resist) week and hope you can stop by again soon E x



Homemade Pizza and Hooky


I picked up my crochet the other night. I don’t really know what happened but I haven’t done any for quite a few months, maybe 4 or 5. Well I did a couple more rounds on my Granny Square Blanket (above). I’m really wanting to finish it because I’m having ideas for a new blanket, but don’t want to start it before this is finished as I know this one will get left in my basket looking sad and unloved and we can’t have that.



My Country Living magazine arrived the other day in the post. It normally sits on the table for a few weeks before I get around to reading it. I don’t mind this too much really as the one thing that I don’t particularly like about magazines is their leap into the future. This issue is October, so it’s an autumn issue, with autumnal colours, ideas etc. This for me, in the middle of summer is a bit too much and I do like to wait a bit.

Of course this doesn’t really apply in February and I get a April issue, with all the joys of spring inside, I open that straight away to feast on the spring plants and all the beautiful colours.


Homemade pizza for lunch, for the boys the other day. I do them each a separate one as they have very different tastes, but they are always a big hit.

Hope your week has been filled with fun and laughter. Please drop by again soon.

Take care. E x