Well I did promise some colourful hooky photos. The quality of this is terrible and I do apologise. I’ve just taken it and of course with artificial light it doesn’t show the colours quite right. This is Little C’s blanket which is so close to completion, I’ve got about 2 1/2 sides left to do with the final border and a few ends to sew in. However I’ve been some what distracted. Would you like to see what with? OK I’ll show you some photos and then some links…

These stickers are just the first batch I’ve ordered for my new found hobby. They are from EllieBethDesignsUK and there are loads of gorgeous, colourful stickers that are just too tempting. Some more websites that have been distracting me are ErinCondren, PirongsUniquePlanners and CleanMama. These are only some of the sites that I’ve been whizzing through. I’ve been scouring Pinterest, Amazon, Etsy to name a few and I’ve LOVED every minute of it. I haven’t felt guilty about my blanket tucked into the basket next to me, crying out that it only needs another hour spending on it so it can be presented to it’s new little owner, well not much anyway.

Right I’m going to say now, I will finish it tomorrow! I will, I really will. I won’t pick up my laptop until it is completed, photographed, presented to Little C and laid out on his bed.

However, right now I’m just heading back to EllieBethDesignsUK to sort my very last, final order, for at least a week. I’ve decided to save money by printing out planner pages from this website Scattered Squirrel, instead of buying a planner, for now anyway, just so I can build up my supply of stickers. So I am behaving a little bit!

Thanks for stopping by. My next post will have photos of the finished blanket in situ and maybe ideas for my next project. E x


Exciting Deliveries


Just look what arrived in the post the other morning. I don’t know about you, but little parcels like this really make my day. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s something exciting. Look at the lovely sticker, with the wheelbarrow and flowers, and even the brown envelope screams ‘exciting’ to me! Oh goodness I think I may be sounding slightly loopy.

Anyway I was right to get excited because I ordered some lovely things at the beginning of the week and yippee they have arrived. Would you like to see? OK, I’ll show you…..



Do you want a closer look? OK here are my favourites….




And then I put a couple in a frame…



These two are destined for the new bathroom. The giraffe one I’m framing and giving as a gift and possibly the bike and the whale one too. The others will be around the house, maybe all together in a colourful display. Aren’t they just gorgeous, you can find them HERE on Etsy, Caroline Rose Art. I will definitely be revisiting for some of those other prints. My only problem will be where to put them all!

Right I’m off to ice the cake I’ve just made, I’ll share photo’s with you tomorrow. I must say it’s looking rather yummy (I don’t actually like this flavour cake, it’s for D and the boys, but it still looks yummy), I’ll share it with you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, do go and have a look at Caroline Rose Art’s shop, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Have a wonderful weekend and take care, E x