My month in pictures

This happened….


Oh yes, we lit the Rayburn, so winter is definitely on its way. I must admit, I do enjoy the colder weather so much more since having the Rayburn. There’s just something about a fire and having the heat from it warm the home, to me its cozier than radiators doing the job.


D had a week off work and this happened! Yes operation en suite has started and oh my goodness what a mess it’s brought. When I read interior magazines and someone’s renovating their house and they move into rented accommodation while the works being done, I turn slightly green with envy. I do think D does a super job of getting the work done while putting up with my moaning of keeping things tidy.

Want to see what else D did?


A hole through the wall. This whole wall will eventually be no more and that will all become our bedroom.

Because of all this disruption, the boys room got used as a dumping ground, so I spent a day in there, sorting, tidying, a bit more sorting and after about 6 bags of stuff for the charity shops and a few bits sent up into the loft, I was happy with the calm that seemed to have settled on the clutter(ish) free room.


Can you see all the bags, mostly clothes, I really did have a good sort out.

Toys were tidied into cupboards..


The floor was cleared. Their room used to have my wardrobe right there next to the window and there was hardly any floor space. I have since moved the brown chest and the hamper baskets, so they have the whole floor which I’m very happy about. I can’t wait until we sort their room, decorate, new carpets and new beds.

I’ve wanted a bureau for a while and I found this one on that famous selling site and went to collect it. I’m really pleased with it. It’s been painted but not particularly well so it will be sanded and repainted at some point, but for now I’m loving having all my crafty, notebook, pens etc cozied up in here.


In amongst all the chaos of the renovations I had a bit of baking to do for a very special day.


This was a cake for visitors who came the day before the big day. The ones who couldn’t have the real thing cause, well it hadn’t been finished! Don’t feel sorry for them though, I did make this a bit special too. It’s got cinnamon, honey cashew butter, buttercream in the middle and melted chocolate drizzled on top. I was told it was delicious (I’m not a huge cake fan and didn’t have any).


I was, however, delighted with how the proper birthday cake turned out. It looked just how I hoped and everyone loved it, especially Little C who was the special birthday boy.

That wasn’t all though, there was even more..


A surprise inside, made Little C’s face light up when he saw all those tumble out. It’s made up of 2 cakes, that one above is chocolate sponge, with chocolate fudge buttercream and the other is a vanilla sponge with caramel sauce. I love using the chocolate fingers round the edge because it hides everything and just makes it all so neat. Definitely the best looking cake I’ve ever made.


I took this just the other day. We had horrendous rain all day and the drain in our backyard was blocked with leaves and I couldn’t believe how quickly the water level rose.

I’ll be back in the next couple of days with some hooky photos, hopefully the weather will brighten up so I can get some better photos of all the colourful hookings.

See you soon, take care E x


Toowit Toowhoo

I’m just sitting here at my kitchen table, catching up on some blog reading and I can hear an owl toowit toowhooing. It’s so close it must only be on the trees just at the top of the first set of steps out of our back door. I’d love to go and see it but a) it’s too dark and I probably couldn’t see and b) I’d probably scare it off anyway. So while the house is silent I’m just going to sit and listen and feel so lucky to be able to hear an owl hooting just outside my house.


Now please excuse the floor, this is the kitchen floor and has not been finished yet, it’ll be sanded and oiled/waxed sometime¬†soon, hopefully. What we are concentrating on is the step stool. I’ve now got two of these stools, one I found a couple of years ago in a little shop that sells some odd bits of reconditioned furniture. I then purchased another rather rusty, set off that famous auction site, that one didn’t have a seat and I intended to sand repaint and do up, but as yet haven’t got round to it. However now I’ve been saved from having to because I found these at our local car boot sale. So excited, very good condition, just in need of a new seat cover and hey presto I have two step stools, one for each boy, which is very necessary to avoid screaming tantrums. So last week, I dug out some fabric I knew I had stashed away in my basket and set about recovering. Would you like to take a look? Here we go then….



Staple removal was the first order, not that many you say, no it shouldn’t take too long….



I think someone when a bit staple gun crazy, but if that wasn’t enough….



There was a third layer! I never want to see another staple in my life….



Arrrh well that’s better. Next to recover, the fun part…



See the fabric, quite fitting for today’s post don’t you think?



I’ve done both the same, to stop any fighting over different ones and I’m really pleased with them. Unfortunately after all the staple removing I forgot to take a photo of the finished stools with their new seat pads on. I could take some now to add on here, but it’s dark and the light wouldn’t be great and I really would love to show them off in the sunlight. So tomorrow I promise I will take some photos and show them too you all finished and lovely.

I don’t know if any of you recognise these stools, they aren’t ones you’d probably find in shops today. I remember my Grannie and Poppa having one and that’s why, when I saw the first one in the vintage shop I had to get it. It just took me back to my childhood and I wished to have a pair for my boys and now I have and I’m so pleased. Hopefully they’ll be used for years to come and next time they need recovering I won’t have quite so many staples to remove!

Thanks for calling in again, I do love sharing these little projects with you. I’ve been cutting fabric for my big patchwork project today, so will hopefully have something to show you in the next few days.

Have fun, take care E x





My patchwork square made up of squares and then this is the first border….


This is with the second border….


And the third and final border…


I’m thinking I’ll make it into a square throw. I’m really into it now though and I’ve got fabric to make one for our bed so that’s my next project. I’ve then got to get the wadding and backing fabric. I had an idea just to get a sheet for the backing fabric, as it’s a cheap way of getting a good amount of fabric and it will be the right size as well.

I also have plans to make each of the boys one. Little Man’s will be reds and blues and whites, with maybe some greys. Little C’s, blue’s greens, whites and some greys again. I want to put some picture fabrics in too, so in Little Man’s I’ve found some dinosaur fabric in the right colours and Little C’s, I’ll have a look for some with vehicles, tractors, diggers etc.

You may have noticed another patchworky looking creation in my photo’s yesterday, this one…


IMAG2115 (1).jpg

This is actually the finished article as I added a bit of decoration around the bottom. I’ll show you that in a minute but I first wanted to tell you why I made it or more precisely what I made it for.

I have wanted a vintage wooden floor lamp for a few years. I found one at a antique centre a couple of years ago, but didn’t end up buying it, I’ve thought about it since and keep looking for one, but nothing ever showed up. Then my dad said he’d found some stair banister rods while clearing out wood in the loft and would I like him to make me a floor lamp with them. Of course my answer was yes and for my birthday last Friday he gave me the finished lamp.

This however caused a slight problem, as I didn’t have a shade to match the lovely lamp. So what did I do, I Pinterested ‘recover lampshade’, of course got loads of ideas, but ended up¬†making one how I had been thinking of and found a little help with how to finished it off.

I’m not 100% happy with the finished result, but hopefully I’ll be able to re do it to make it better.

I’m going to leave you with a photo of it finished and in situ. I’ll try and get it re done this week and get a photo up. (Excuse the door in the background, the joys of house renovating)



Hope to catch up with you soon, take care E x



Gloomy Rain Clouds



The weather turned last week, it’s still not improved. The sun has gone away and taken the glorious blue sky with it. The boys have been going a little stir crazy, although we have managed a few quick walks in between the downpours, they haven’t been able to play outside like normal and the tv has been on far too much. I’m hoping for sunshine very soon!

The wet, gloomy, grey weather made me think of lighting our Rayburn again, it’s usually mid October, when it drops too cold in the evening, when we decide to light it. I looked over at the lovely red range in our kitchen and realised it was looking a bit dull and cluttered, so I set about on another tidying mission.


Now imagine the before photo (which I forgot to take!) with pans being stored on the top and chopping boards leaning against the back, dust over all of it and loads of rubbish, things without a home, stuffed down the side. It was one of those things that justs get overlooked, “where can I put this, oh I’ll just put it down the side of the Rayburn for now”, the ‘for now’ obviously turns into forever! It’s been like that and getting worse since we stopped using it about May time. So something had to be done. I took everything out from down the side and vacuumed it all. Put things where they should go, the pans are in cupboards and a frying pan can live in the Rayburn oven while it’s not lit. All the paper we save for lighting it, I put in a bag and a couple of bits of wood neatly next to it. A pot with a cleaning brush and the poker hidden away at the back. Then I set to cleaning it up. Lots of elbow grease a steel scourer, toothbrush and black hands later, it looked like new (well nearly new) and I felt so much better for doing it.

Obviously you can tell there are a few things missing, things D hasn’t finished yet. A false ceiling needs putting in above the Rayburn and a spotlight putting in so it’s no so dark. Also need the plug socket and light switch putting in and a shelf in the gap next to the Rayburn, but we are so pleased how it’s worked out. I’ll show you more photos of the kitchen renovation in another post. I’m busy gathering all the photo’s together so I can get them all in order and take you through everything we’ve done.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my little hanging baskets, I want to add some trailing plants, maybe some ivy. But they add some colour for now, which is definitely needed against that grey, cloudy sky.

IMAG1833 (1).jpg

Hope the weather where you are is better, but if not, lets make the most of staying inside more and hope the sun comes and dries us out very soon.

Have fun and take care. E x

First ‘new’ blog post

IMAG0980 (1).jpg

Hello and welcome to my new blog, same name, nothing taken away but with a few things added. I was really enjoying doing my previous blog, even though I had a few months break, due to life speeding up for a while. However when I slowed down and wanted to get back into blogging I realised I was not including all I wanted to and I had fallen out of love with the design of my page and felt I needed a revamp and rethink.

So here we are new, new, design and new contents, hopefully you will get more of a feel for our life here at Well Lane Cottage. Do you like my cross stitch above? I did it a few years ago now and I thought it was very fitting for this post.

The first new thing I wanted to share is our house and garden renovations. The whole of our home is being reworked and the garden totally revamped and I would love to show you our progress.

Last weekend D came up with an idea for some shelves in the kitchen that I’d been asking him for, for a year or so. We’ve been cutting a few trees down in the garden, we had quite a few, so he thought of using some of the branches as brackets for old scaffolding board shelves. The end result is amazing and I’m so, so pleased with them and there are plans for more bigger and better in the living room, I can’t wait.

Take a peek below and see what you think….

IMAG1811 (1).jpg

Here are some pics of the shelves going up…

Right thank you for stopping by, sorry it’s been an uneventful post but I just wanted to say hi and get my first post up on here. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you and I hope you can join me again soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week, whatever you’ve got planned, have fun and take care. E x