Sunday Outing



Went to an ‘open garden’ for charity on Sunday. We’d been planning to go for about two months when I saw it advertised on a website. The gardenĀ belongs to Emma Bridgewater (for those of you who don’t know, Emma Bridgewater set up the pottery company of the same name, go to the website here) and it’s in Oxfordshire, so we had a bit of a drive.

It was a great afternoon though, the boys loved it because there were loads of real tractors that they could sit on and they made the most of it. We walked around the garden and D was interested to see the veg patches and was great to get some ideas and inspiration for our own garden.

The best part, for D and myself was seeing a cabin just like the one D was planning for our garden. Here are some photos..



This is actually a static caravan clad with wood and a verandah added. Obviously D is planning to build ours from scratch out of wood, no caravan is getting up our garden! So this is basically how we are planning ours. I love the verandah and am looking forward to sitting on it reading in the summer, the summer of 2020 perhaps but I am looking forward to it.

I took my new camera, that D got me for my birthday, which I realise I haven’t introduced you to yet, it’s on my list of ‘to do posts’ hopefully this week. Anyway here are some more photos of our day, you should be able to click on the photos to enlarge them if you wish, I was having lots of fun playing with my new camera…


Another photo I found while I was going through some old files was one of my horse Harley, he’s sadly no longer with us, he was a big part of my life and I had him for 10 years and I still miss him. Would you like to see the photo? Ok here it is…




Right I’m a day behind posting this, I was trying to upload the photos yesterday and it was taking forever so I’ve had to finish off today so I’m sorry it’s been longer than I planned between posts and I’ll get another one out tomorrow. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and are having fun.

Take care E x