An Abundance of Eggs

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I remember from previous years, that we go from having no eggs through the winter, a couple of eggs a day as we come into the new year and then BAM… we are getting 8+ a day. Now we like eggs, but even we can’t eat that many! I’m selling some to my friend, but even then we’ve got more than we know what to do with. So I’m egg recipe searching, I am hoping to find inspiration, something other than the obvious – omelette, frittata etc. Result – well there are lots of ideas, one recipe, egg curry, reminded me that D used to make that and it was delicious, so that’s definitely one for the plan. I found this as well which I think we’ve had before, so that could be another one.


We have a fair few chickens now and we also have runner ducks. We’ve actually got more than we had last year as we rehomed my friends 7 duck’s, when her landlord told her she needed to get rid of them suddenly. One of them then got broody and hatched out 7 chicks, 5 of which survived. We’ve since lost 2 ducks, 1 of my friends and the 1 we had left from our group of 4. Then our neighbour was moving house and asked if we could rehome their chickens so we added those to our lot, making about 11 chicken and we have a cockerel. Dave’s now got plans to extend the run and build a proper pond, hopefully we’ll get chance to do a bit this summer.

So hopefully next time you visit I will be able to show you a photo with less eggs and maybe have some

egg recipes to share.


We are very lucky though, fresh eggs from the garden everyday and I love all the different colours and sizes we get. We did used to know which chicken laid which egg, but now with all the new ones, we’ve not had chance to work it our yet.



Ok I’ll leave you with that eggcelent photo and hope you have an eggciting (sorry couldn’t resist) week and hope you can stop by again soon E x



All Together Now… Awwwww


Yes, we have babies here at Well Lane Cottage, of the fluffy variety. Mum is Delia and we got her with 6 others runner ducks from my friend, H, who had a neighbour complain about them and her landlord said she had to get rid of them. We were of course more than happy to have them come and live with us and our lone drake, Cecil, was very happy to have some company of his own species. Delia collected 7 eggs in her nest that she made in the polytunnel and has sat on them, not letting anyone get near them, until they hatched out yesterday. Today H came over and we made her a proper nest in one of our little coop’s, so she’s a bit safer and warmer.

Would you like to see some more? OK here you go…


There are 7 and they are all really strong and when we went up they were all waddling up the garden in a row, unfortunately I’d not got my camera, which is such a shame cause it was super cute. I’ve always wanted to hatch ducklings and it’s happened now without really planning it. Delia has definitely done a very good job and surprised us all.

Thanks for stopping by, take care E x


Sunday Outing



Went to an ‘open garden’ for charity on Sunday. We’d been planning to go for about two months when I saw it advertised on a website. The garden belongs to Emma Bridgewater (for those of you who don’t know, Emma Bridgewater set up the pottery company of the same name, go to the website here) and it’s in Oxfordshire, so we had a bit of a drive.

It was a great afternoon though, the boys loved it because there were loads of real tractors that they could sit on and they made the most of it. We walked around the garden and D was interested to see the veg patches and was great to get some ideas and inspiration for our own garden.

The best part, for D and myself was seeing a cabin just like the one D was planning for our garden. Here are some photos..



This is actually a static caravan clad with wood and a verandah added. Obviously D is planning to build ours from scratch out of wood, no caravan is getting up our garden! So this is basically how we are planning ours. I love the verandah and am looking forward to sitting on it reading in the summer, the summer of 2020 perhaps but I am looking forward to it.

I took my new camera, that D got me for my birthday, which I realise I haven’t introduced you to yet, it’s on my list of ‘to do posts’ hopefully this week. Anyway here are some more photos of our day, you should be able to click on the photos to enlarge them if you wish, I was having lots of fun playing with my new camera…


Another photo I found while I was going through some old files was one of my horse Harley, he’s sadly no longer with us, he was a big part of my life and I had him for 10 years and I still miss him. Would you like to see the photo? Ok here it is…




Right I’m a day behind posting this, I was trying to upload the photos yesterday and it was taking forever so I’ve had to finish off today so I’m sorry it’s been longer than I planned between posts and I’ll get another one out tomorrow. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and are having fun.

Take care E x


Bank Holiday Weekend Walk


Sunday we had some lovely weather, after a rather gloomy Saturday. So late morning we set off for a quick walk that turned into a 2 hour walk. We started on our usual route, but instead of turning up the hill and round our normal circuit, we carried on through the fields. I love the views over all the countryside, I kept having to catch up with the others as I stopped to admire the views and capture them with my camera (well my phone!) and got left behind.


Just look at that dog, I’m thinking it was cooling her down, but she really did get right down into that muddy puddle! Luckily the rest of the walk, with some long grass and sun, managed to clean and dry her, so when we got home she was pretty much mud free.


My view walking up this track, was a chatty, singing, very entertaining Little C. He was so sweet, he walks so well and never complained once in the 2 hours. Our daily dog walks have obviously made his little two and a half year old legs very strong.

Some lovely things to look at along the way. I love being out in the countryside and the sunshine makes everything look so much happier.

We then turned off the road and along a very narrow track, with walls of greenery up above our heads and then out onto a wider track which runs along the top of the hill that our cottage sits about halfway down.


We could see down into the town that’s a couple of miles away from our lane, love how much green there is as well as the houses.


Of course D had brought along blackberry picking tubs, so we stopped off to pick and eat some more. We had D’s daughter stay on Sunday too so had an extra mouth to feed with blackberries, but also extra hands to pick them. D’s got ideas to make blackberry gin!


Back down the hill now, to find our little cottage. There are some hungry tummies, the blackberries not quite making up for lunch, some soup is waiting for us that D had cooking before we left. Yummy, yummy!

Well this was quite a photo heavy post, I apologise if it got a tad boring. Tomorrow I’ve got some colourful hooky to show you. My crocheting seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. I’ve got other projects waiting, scrap booking and sewing, to name a few, but I just can’t get enough of my gorgeous colourful yarn. So I’m thinking I’ll carry it on and along the way I might fancy a day with my sewing machine, it might be a better task for when Little Man is back at school perhaps. Wow that’s only a week away, doesn’t 6 weeks fly by!

Last day of August tomorrow, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again very soon.

Take care. E x