Toowit Toowhoo

I’m just sitting here at my kitchen table, catching up on some blog reading and I can hear an owl toowit toowhooing. It’s so close it must only be on the trees just at the top of the first set of steps out of our back door. I’d love to go and see it but a) it’s too dark and I probably couldn’t see and b) I’d probably scare it off anyway. So while the house is silent I’m just going to sit and listen and feel so lucky to be able to hear an owl hooting just outside my house.


Now please excuse the floor, this is the kitchen floor and has not been finished yet, it’ll be sanded and oiled/waxed sometime¬†soon, hopefully. What we are concentrating on is the step stool. I’ve now got two of these stools, one I found a couple of years ago in a little shop that sells some odd bits of reconditioned furniture. I then purchased another rather rusty, set off that famous auction site, that one didn’t have a seat and I intended to sand repaint and do up, but as yet haven’t got round to it. However now I’ve been saved from having to because I found these at our local car boot sale. So excited, very good condition, just in need of a new seat cover and hey presto I have two step stools, one for each boy, which is very necessary to avoid screaming tantrums. So last week, I dug out some fabric I knew I had stashed away in my basket and set about recovering. Would you like to take a look? Here we go then….



Staple removal was the first order, not that many you say, no it shouldn’t take too long….



I think someone when a bit staple gun crazy, but if that wasn’t enough….



There was a third layer! I never want to see another staple in my life….



Arrrh well that’s better. Next to recover, the fun part…



See the fabric, quite fitting for today’s post don’t you think?



I’ve done both the same, to stop any fighting over different ones and I’m really pleased with them. Unfortunately after all the staple removing I forgot to take a photo of the finished stools with their new seat pads on. I could take some now to add on here, but it’s dark and the light wouldn’t be great and I really would love to show them off in the sunlight. So tomorrow I promise I will take some photos and show them too you all finished and lovely.

I don’t know if any of you recognise these stools, they aren’t ones you’d probably find in shops today. I remember my Grannie and Poppa having one and that’s why, when I saw the first one in the vintage shop I had to get it. It just took me back to my childhood and I wished to have a pair for my boys and now I have and I’m so pleased. Hopefully they’ll be used for years to come and next time they need recovering I won’t have quite so many staples to remove!

Thanks for calling in again, I do love sharing these little projects with you. I’ve been cutting fabric for my big patchwork project today, so will hopefully have something to show you in the next few days.

Have fun, take care E x