New Hobby


Do you remember this photo I showed you here? Well it was the start of a new hobby for me. I have stepped into the world of planning. Yes that’s right it’s a world, just head over to the wonderful Pinterest and type in ‘life planner’. You will be transported into a marvelous world, full of colourful pages filled with stickers and lots of very organised people.

I’ve always had spells of keeping a diary. Not the sort you write how your day has been, just appointments and things to do etc. They’ve never really lasted very long though, I keep them going for a couple of months and then the normal chaos resumes and my keeping track of things goes out the window.

I now have stickers, lots and lots of stickers, with plans to get more, because I don’t think I can have enough.


This is another order and I’ve got one arriving in the next couple of days too. I’m so addicted already. Would you like to see some of my pages? OK, here we go…

My pages aren’t as covered as some you see on Pinterest, but I like my slightly calmer stickering. I’m also making my own planner, as you can probably tell from the above photos. I’ve decided not to purchase a planner yet, they are quite expensive, so I decided to stock up on stickers instead and I found some free printable planner pages here. So they’ve been stuck into my lovely notebook and I’m really pleased with them.

OK, I’m going to leave you now, head over to Pinterest and have a look at the wonderful planner layouts on there. Nearly forgot to mention where the stickers are from. A fantastic corner of the web called elliebethdesignsuk, go and have a look at all the lovely, colourful world of stickers. Be careful though, I can say from experience, they are addictive.

Hope you can visit again soon, I’m just starting a bit of Christmassy hooky that’ll I’ll share with you. Take care E x




Love finishing a blanket!


Well it’s finally finished. I actually sat up til 12.30am last Friday morning and finished it, I couldn’t sleep so I decided I should use my time wisely, so rather than tossing and turning for another hour I sat in bed and crocheted. I’m so pleased with it and Little C is very happy.

It’s funny looking at this now, I chose the colours about a year ago for this blanket and I can really see how much I’ve come along when choosing colours. If I remember correctly, I knew I wanted blues and greens and some yellow for brightness. So I more or less picked all the blues and greens I liked and a yellow.

Now I would spend more time looking at the shades and making a colour spectrum with the yarn, then choose colours from various stages of the spectrum to bring together. I enjoy this phase. I’ve made colour pegs which are really useful when doing this. Have you seen colour pegs? You can actually buy them ready done, see here, but I’ve made mine as I’ve bought more colours of the yarn. I generally use the same yarn, Stylecraft Special DK, for 3 reasons, 1 – it come in so many colours, 2 – it’s a really good price and I love that they are 100g balls so normally have about half a ball left, so can use for another project and 3 – it’s lovely to work with and washes well.

I’m now being asked every bedtime, by Little Man, when his blanket will be ready. I feel a bit guilty because I probably won’t start his until maybe March time next year. I’m doing a CAL with Attic24, which starts in January and I don’t really want to start another project until I’ve finished that. I’m slightly worried I’m not going to be able to keep up, I’ve not done one before, but love the idea that there will be loads of other people all over the world doing the same rows of crochet in the same colours. Bit odd I know, but it does fascinate me a little.


Right- ho, thanks for stopping by again. I realise my posts are a bit hit and miss at the moment. I have a 3rd child to take care of, in the form of my husband. D has had an operation and is home until the New Year, so my spare time is very, very limited. So something’s got to give and unfortunately it’s my blogging. Anyhoo, we’ll be alright and I’ll hopefully be able to come back in a day or so and share some more goings on with you. In the meantime, take care, keep warm and have fun. See you again soon. E x



Well I did promise some colourful hooky photos. The quality of this is terrible and I do apologise. I’ve just taken it and of course with artificial light it doesn’t show the colours quite right. This is Little C’s blanket which is so close to completion, I’ve got about 2 1/2 sides left to do with the final border and a few ends to sew in. However I’ve been some what distracted. Would you like to see what with? OK I’ll show you some photos and then some links…

These stickers are just the first batch I’ve ordered for my new found hobby. They are from EllieBethDesignsUK and there are loads of gorgeous, colourful stickers that are just too tempting. Some more websites that have been distracting me are ErinCondren, PirongsUniquePlanners and CleanMama. These are only some of the sites that I’ve been whizzing through. I’ve been scouring Pinterest, Amazon, Etsy to name a few and I’ve LOVED every minute of it. I haven’t felt guilty about my blanket tucked into the basket next to me, crying out that it only needs another hour spending on it so it can be presented to it’s new little owner, well not much anyway.

Right I’m going to say now, I will finish it tomorrow! I will, I really will. I won’t pick up my laptop until it is completed, photographed, presented to Little C and laid out on his bed.

However, right now I’m just heading back to EllieBethDesignsUK to sort my very last, final order, for at least a week. I’ve decided to save money by printing out planner pages from this website Scattered Squirrel, instead of buying a planner, for now anyway, just so I can build up my supply of stickers. So I am behaving a little bit!

Thanks for stopping by. My next post will have photos of the finished blanket in situ and maybe ideas for my next project. E x

My month in pictures

This happened….


Oh yes, we lit the Rayburn, so winter is definitely on its way. I must admit, I do enjoy the colder weather so much more since having the Rayburn. There’s just something about a fire and having the heat from it warm the home, to me its cozier than radiators doing the job.


D had a week off work and this happened! Yes operation en suite has started and oh my goodness what a mess it’s brought. When I read interior magazines and someone’s renovating their house and they move into rented accommodation while the works being done, I turn slightly green with envy. I do think D does a super job of getting the work done while putting up with my moaning of keeping things tidy.

Want to see what else D did?


A hole through the wall. This whole wall will eventually be no more and that will all become our bedroom.

Because of all this disruption, the boys room got used as a dumping ground, so I spent a day in there, sorting, tidying, a bit more sorting and after about 6 bags of stuff for the charity shops and a few bits sent up into the loft, I was happy with the calm that seemed to have settled on the clutter(ish) free room.


Can you see all the bags, mostly clothes, I really did have a good sort out.

Toys were tidied into cupboards..


The floor was cleared. Their room used to have my wardrobe right there next to the window and there was hardly any floor space. I have since moved the brown chest and the hamper baskets, so they have the whole floor which I’m very happy about. I can’t wait until we sort their room, decorate, new carpets and new beds.

I’ve wanted a bureau for a while and I found this one on that famous selling site and went to collect it. I’m really pleased with it. It’s been painted but not particularly well so it will be sanded and repainted at some point, but for now I’m loving having all my crafty, notebook, pens etc cozied up in here.


In amongst all the chaos of the renovations I had a bit of baking to do for a very special day.


This was a cake for visitors who came the day before the big day. The ones who couldn’t have the real thing cause, well it hadn’t been finished! Don’t feel sorry for them though, I did make this a bit special too. It’s got cinnamon, honey cashew butter, buttercream in the middle and melted chocolate drizzled on top. I was told it was delicious (I’m not a huge cake fan and didn’t have any).


I was, however, delighted with how the proper birthday cake turned out. It looked just how I hoped and everyone loved it, especially Little C who was the special birthday boy.

That wasn’t all though, there was even more..


A surprise inside, made Little C’s face light up when he saw all those tumble out. It’s made up of 2 cakes, that one above is chocolate sponge, with chocolate fudge buttercream and the other is a vanilla sponge with caramel sauce. I love using the chocolate fingers round the edge because it hides everything and just makes it all so neat. Definitely the best looking cake I’ve ever made.


I took this just the other day. We had horrendous rain all day and the drain in our backyard was blocked with leaves and I couldn’t believe how quickly the water level rose.

I’ll be back in the next couple of days with some hooky photos, hopefully the weather will brighten up so I can get some better photos of all the colourful hookings.

See you soon, take care E x



You remember my exciting delivery a few weeks ago? Well this is the beginning of the new project I’ve started. It’s a poncho and I’m loving how it’s looking. I’m on the 3rd round of colours now, so it’s grown quite a lot since the above photo.  I’m so eager to finish it, so I can start wearing it now the weather has dropped to an autumnal setting. We’re in that limbo time of year where it’s cold in the evening so would love to light the Rayburn, but it’s been sunny during the day, still a bit chilly, but the sun warms the kitchen, so it would be too hot with the Rayburn on. Although yesterday was chilly even with the sun, so I’m really wanting to have the fire crackling, then it really will feel like winter’s here.


Here’s my poncho now, with a few more rows added. More than half way now, I’m wanting it to come down to my hands so probably on the last round of colours with maybe 5 or so more rows and the border to do. I’m really loving the colours.


I’m doing two rows of trebles then one row of treble 1, chain 1. It’s the same as the ‘Home Poncho’ that Lucy at Attic 24 did and I really do like the effect. Not decided what to do for the border, whether to go fancy or just keep it simple. I think I’ll see how desperate I am to get it finished!

Ordered some coal to be delivered tomorrow, so the fire will be roaring again.

Thanks for dropping by, have fun and stay warm. E x

All Together Now… Awwwww


Yes, we have babies here at Well Lane Cottage, of the fluffy variety. Mum is Delia and we got her with 6 others runner ducks from my friend, H, who had a neighbour complain about them and her landlord said she had to get rid of them. We were of course more than happy to have them come and live with us and our lone drake, Cecil, was very happy to have some company of his own species. Delia collected 7 eggs in her nest that she made in the polytunnel and has sat on them, not letting anyone get near them, until they hatched out yesterday. Today H came over and we made her a proper nest in one of our little coop’s, so she’s a bit safer and warmer.

Would you like to see some more? OK here you go…


There are 7 and they are all really strong and when we went up they were all waddling up the garden in a row, unfortunately I’d not got my camera, which is such a shame cause it was super cute. I’ve always wanted to hatch ducklings and it’s happened now without really planning it. Delia has definitely done a very good job and surprised us all.

Thanks for stopping by, take care E x